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David Cameron Says Men Can’t Do Two Things At Once

David Cameron Says Men Can’t Do Two Things At Once

The Debrief: He told Heat magazine that listening to music and jogging just ain’t a thing…

Ahead of the general election, you’ll see loads of interviews with David Cameron. But, you won’t believe who’s interviewed him now… well, Heat’s Lucie Cave.


And in the interview he says, while doing two things like breathing and talking, that men can’t do two things at once.

When asked if he listens to any music when he goes for his runs – his bodyguards now all have to be fit enough to keep up with him – he replied: ‘I’m a man, I can’t do two things at once. Don’t be ridiculous!

‘I cannot listen to music and run. I don’t know how people do it.’

Luckily for our Prime Minister, this makes him a smidgeon more relatable than Ukip leader Nigel Farage, who recently said he doesn’t listen to music, full stop. But as we spend our days procrastinating and getting in a muddle because we’ve got 20 tabs on our computer open, we begin to wonder: can anyone really multitask? It’s not really a gender thing, it’s an organisation thing, right?!

Plus, why can’t he run and listen to music? Like, does he start dancing as soon as music comes on? We almost want to blare Uptown Funk at him mid-jog to see how he reacts.

You can read the entire interview with David in the magazine now, or wait until 1 April (yep, that is April Fool’s Day) to watch his take on celebrity questions on Heat’s website. A couple days after that, you can watch the full interview.

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