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David Cameron Is On Tinder...And You\'ll Never Guess Why

David Cameron Is On Tinder...And You'll Never Guess Why

The Debrief: The Prime Minister has taken to Tinder. Don't worry, Sam knows. It's all about Brexit.

David Cameron is on Tinder. Don’t worry, Sam knows. The Prime Minister has, reportedly, taken to Tinder in an attempt to get young, single people to vote in June’s Referendum on whether or not this country should stay in the European Union.

The vote on the future of this country’s relationship with Europe will take place on June 23rd and Dave is using the dating app not to encourage people to find new partners but to stick with the one we’ve got and try to make it work.

Part of the problem which may lie ahead is that many people aren’t registered to vote, because of changes to the electoral register and also because they haven’t signed up. According to the Guardian an estimated 800,000 people have ‘dropped off the electoral register’, many of those are in student towns. 

With the deadline to register just weeks away Downing Street are hoping that this stunt will encourage people to sign up. A spokesperson told the Times that the government is ‘always looking for ways to try and encourage people to register to vote.’

According to the polls young people are more likely to vote to stay in the EU. Two thirds of under 25s polled have said they would support staying with Europe, however this age group are also the least likely to turn out. This is why it’s so important for Cameron that the younger generations turn out to vote. He doesn’t want us to break up with Europe and is backing the Remain campaign and younger voters may hold the key to this country's future as part of this very important historic relationship.

Here’s The Debrief’s guide on how to register to vote in less than 2 minutes:

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