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Canada\\\\\\\'s Got A Gender-Balanced Cabinet Because, Surprise, It\\\\\\\'s 2015!

Canada's Got A Gender-Balanced Cabinet Because, Surprise, It's 2015!

The Debrief: Justin Trudeau isn't only dreamy because he LOOKS dreamy. He does some pretty dreamy things, too...

You know the other day, when David Cameron showed off about having a cabinet made up of one-third women and two-thirds men? (Yes, maths fans, that is a cabinet with twice as many men as women.)

You might also remember when Jeremy Corbyn promised a 50:50 shadow cabinet but then dropped the position of minister for prevention of violence against women and girls and put women into roles like health and education, which are pretty important, but also don’t actually cover the whole of the UK.

Well, perhaps both could take lessons from Justin Trudeau, the new Canadian prime minister who has set out to make his cabinet ‘look like Canada’. This means 50% of his cabinet is women, and they’ve been given roles that cover the entire country.

When asked why he wanted gender parity (fancy word for 50:50 representation) in his cabinet, he merely shrugged and said, ‘Because it’s 2015.’

After applause, he added: ‘Canadians have elected extraordinary members of parliament from across the country and I’m glad to have been able to highlight a few of them in this cabinet here with me today.’

He also gave a speech in French. Because, you know, it’s Canada.

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