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There\\\'s A Dating Site Especially For Bernie Sanders Supporters

There's A Dating Site Especially For Bernie Sanders Supporters

The Debrief: 'Bernie Singles' coming atcha

There is literally a dating site for anything you could think of. There’s one especially for white people, people who only want a one-day-a-week relationship, threesomes and 54 other dating apps (not including Tinder). So yeah, there’s a pretty comprehensive collection out there. 

And now we have one more: Bernie Singles which describes itself as a place to meet ‘cool Bernie-loving dudes and dudettes’ or ‘people that have a general understanding of how the economy works’. 

Ironic considering that during a recent interview in which she discussed the US Democratic presidential candidates Gloria Steinem insinuated that women were only supporting Bernie to impress boys. ‘When you’re young, you’re thinking, “Where are the boys?” The boys are with Bernie.’ She said. Understandably, there was uproar after she made the comments, with many young, female Sanders fans angry at the stereotype. 

According to The Huffington Post, the founders of the singles site are science students at Arizona State University Colten Caudle, 19, and David Bonni, 22, who were inspired by the hugely successful Facebook group Bernie Sanders’ Dank Meme Stash ('dank' meaning 'quality' apparently), and observing how it brought people together. 

Caudle himself actually found love through the Facebook page and said that having such a dating site ‘makes it much easier to connect with someone who shares your political views'. He went on to say that, ‘Knowing that someone else is a Bernie supporter instantly gives you plenty in common, and with Bernie in the news more often now, gives you plenty to talk about!’

According to Salon, when the site launched it kept crashing because of the sheer amount of visitors and 1,000 people signed up in the first hour. They even have a Go Fund Me page which, admittedly, isn’t doing so well.

Basically the US equivalent of Jeremy Corbyn, left-wing Sanders has gained a load of support from millennial liberals who have become disillusioned with the current government and identity with Sanders’ beliefs (for example charging for carbon emissions, free tuition at public colleges and uni and government-provided health care). In a survey of 1,000 American 18-26 year olds, they were asked to describe America’s problems in one word and the top three answers were 'corruption', 'greed' and 'inequality' whilst the majority (58%) named Socialism – Sanders identifies as a socialist – as the ‘most compassionate’ political system. So a dating site dedicated to these like-minded individuals is the next logical step, right...?

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