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This Room In A London Penthouse Apartment Is Free To Rent

This Room In A London Penthouse Apartment Is Free To Rent

The Debrief: Seriously, guys. Seriously

Imagine if you could live in a luxury central London flat worth £8 million for free. Considering London rent prices, it sounds a bit too good to be true, doesn’t it? But I've got news for you, mate.

On SpareRoom, two technology entrepreneurs are offering an en-suite room in their penthouse free of charge. Why? Well the advert states that ‘We'd like to find an interesting flatmate to hang out with - we don't need the money (hence the room is FREE!) but we want some good company - someone to hang out with, party with, bounce ideas around with and generally enjoy all that London has to offer.’

Not only will the rent and bills be waived, but the lucky resident will have household staff to take care of their laundry and cleaning as well as drivers and a personal chef cooking meals five days a week. 

The advert went on to say that ‘We are open minded about the sort of person we'd like - you might already be successful and wealthy and want to live with like-minded people or at the very least you'll be ambitious. Being entrepreneurial and into technology is a big plus and enjoying getting drunk quite often is essential!’ Oh and you'll also be living with two chihuahuas. 

Matt Hutchinson, communications director at SpareRoom, has commented that, 'In the twelve years we've been running SpareRoom we've never seen another ad quite like it.' But he believes the advert to be genuine and he's spoken to the live in landlord, Andrew. 

In such a crappy rental climate, this idea of 'giving something back' is majorly refreshing. It also goes to show that flatshares don't have to be shit, and how important it is to have like minded and interesting flatmates.

Now, if you need us we'll be coming up with some amazing tech ideas to 'bounce around'. We've already got the drunk thing down. 

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