Stevie Martin | Staff Writer | Thursday, 5 March 2015

All The Things That Look Exactly Like Zayn Malik's Amazing Hair

The Debrief: A little cress man. A tidal wave. And other things that resemble Zayn Malik's current follicle situation.

Every time Zayn Malik (you know, the one with the hair and the soulful eyes from One Direction who isn't Harry Styles) debuts a new hairstyle, the world's population goes into overdrive. So it's not surprising that, when the band touched down at Heathrow a few days ago amid their On The Road Again tour, and Zayn was sporting the sort of hair that defies explanation, there was a lot of confusion. 

Questions such as 'what has he done?' and 'what is it?' and 'is it that he's grown out another hairstyle? Is it even a hairstyle at all?' were on everyone's lips, so we decided to make it simple. When attempting to describe Zayn's current hair situation to another human being, feel free to use the following images to illustrate your point because, in these circumstances, words just don't cut it. 

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