Chemmie Squier | Acting Fashion & Beauty Editor | Friday, 20 February 2015

The 'Stop The Knot' Video Might Seem Funny But It's Actually Kinda Messed-Up

The Debrief: Derek Watts & The Sunday Blues are going around cutting off men's top knots...

Male hair trends have been having a moment in the last few years. We've seen The Gandalf Beard, The Moustache, The 'Mun' and a recent entry, The Top-Knot. But, the people behind the Derek Watts & The Sunday Blues YouTube channel apparently aren't keen on this look.

So much so that they decided to take a drive, snipping off unsuspecting men's top-knots to try and 'Stop The Knot'.

It sounds kind of funny, right? Sure. That is until you realise that actually, no, it's pretty douchey and, really, if a randomer cut off any of our hair, we'd be pretty pissed (read: devastated). So guys, how about don't cut anyone's hair but your own, yeah?

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