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Taylor Swift Shows Us How To Have The Ultimate Girl Day In With Your Best Mates

The Debrief: Cos everything Taylor does we want to do too

This weekend instead of heading out in what seems to be NY’s coldest winter yet - Taylor, Karlie, Gigi and co got together for what looked like the ultimate girls weekend in. 

The crew got together in Taylor’s ah-mazing apartment, kept warm, and looked like they had SO much fun... 

As it's also frigging cold here, and we basically want to copy everything Taylor does. Always. Here’s some advice we took from Tay Tay and crew for us to host the perfect gals-day too:

Wear All Black


Er, unless you’re Taylor that is – then wear a white lace midi dress is the dress code of the day. Also don’t even think about slipping in to comfy slippers. No siree to make like the T-Swift crew you need shimmery peep toe heels. Taylor commented on her instagram 'I didn't get the 'let's all wear black' memo. @gigihadid @karliekloss @marhunt @ashavignone'

Cook Something Very Delicious


We know Tay is totally in to cooking, as is best mate - and cookie connoisseur - Karlie so it’s no surprise the day involved whipping up some yum grub. If you’re less of culinary pro you could just order pizza and do the eating bit.

Pets Are Key


Taylor is obsessed with her Meredith and Olivia so if you’re planning a girls day like this one be sure to find some form of pet. Failing that find a stuffed toy and pretend. 

Finally, Take TONNES Of Selfies And Post Them On Insta


What’s the point in looking fabulous and having the dreamiest day ever if no one sees it. 

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