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Is this the most misogynistic man on the planet?

Is This The Most Misogynistic Man On The Planet?

The Debrief: Who is Roosh V? **Spoiler** probably someone we don't want to go to the pub with, thanks.

Make sure you have a stress ball/punchbag nearby as we give you the down low on who exactly is Roosh V **Spoiler** someone we don't want to go to the pub with, thanks...

What is Roosh V?

It – or, indeed, he – is a man. Roosh V’s real name is Daryush Valizadeh. He’s a US pick-up artist and men’s rights activist leading the 'neomasculinity' movement and often poses for photographs while holding a load of banknotes like a fan. Many of his beliefs have been denounced by feminists, and he famously proposed that rape should be legalised in certain situations so that 'a girl will protect her body in the same manner that she protects her purse and smartphone.' Supporters claim that this was satire. Roosh believes that equality between the genders really means 'the disempowerment of straight men,' that women shouldn’t work or go to university, that women with eating disorders are the best girlfriends, and even argues that gyms should be men-only. 

Why is he famous?

For his controversial views. Roosh started his career in machismo with the book Bang, a men’s guide to procuring and having sex with women.  This February he was planning 'tribal meetings' with his supporters in cities across the world – in countries such as Australia and the UK - but they were so widely denounced by feminists and equal rights activists that he cancelled them for security reasons. 

How old is Roosh V?

He’s 36. And like any sexy, desirable man of that age – and like anyone who defines themselves as the ‘King of Masculinity’ - he was papped hiding out at his mum’s house in Silver Springs, Maryland, after the Return of Kings conventions were disbanded in February and the huge row around his opinions. Womankind is collectively rubbing its thighs so hard we’re at risk of eroding its jeans.  

Roosh V Forum

A space for all things Men’s Rights Activists might be interested in, such as 'game' (meeting women), weightlifting, travel and more cerebral topics. Despite the interest in meeting women you will not do that on this forum, as members can be banned for 'white-knighting for women' or if they’re suspected of being a 'female troll.' 

Roosh V Twitter

You can follow him here https://twitter.com/rooshv and he also has a mail-out which promises to disclose 'The True Nature Of Women,' in case you were feeling curious.  

Roosh V Books:

There are a lot of them. Pick between titles such as Poosy Paradise (see what he did there?) or classic pick-up guide Bang, or you can even get more honed advice on how to get women to go back to your hotel room with you. Roosh has a whole series of books about how to pick up women in specific European and South American countries, and also has the quite brilliantly named Compliment & Cuddle: The Beta Male Method To Getting Laid for sale.

Roosh V Quotes:

There are a lot to pick between, but here are just a few to get you started.  

Roosh bemoans the corruption of Romanian women: 'No girl in Cluj asked me to buy her a drink, but two girls yelled at me. One because I didn’t move from her “spot” in the bar and another for a trivial reason that I forgot as soon as her neck cocked back and forth while yelling at me like she was a black American girl.' 

Roosh’s argument for women to be banned from working: '[There would be] massive productivity gains from a lack of office gossip, sexual harassment trainings, female sick days related to the menstrual cycle or irritable bowel syndrome, pregnancies, and distracting interoffice affairs.' 

Roosh’s nuanced understanding of 'the true nature of women': '… within every woman on this planet, regardless of her education or background, is a bitch, a cunt, a slut, a golddigger, a flake, a cheater, a backstabber, a narcissist, and an attention whore that is dying to get out and that, if certain conditions arise and she is placed in a certain container at a certain temperature, will thrust her worst upon you, and this, I’m afraid, is the true nature of women.'

Roosh V Reggie Yates 

As part of his Extreme UK documentary series for BBC Three, Reggie Yates looked that the 'manosphere,' paying attention to Roosh as well as other controversial figures such as Dapper Laughs. After it aired, Roosh billed the programme as a 'hit piece.' Reggie met with Roosh in the UK while he was on his 2015 world tour, and giving a lecture entitled The State of Man.  Reggie giggled while reading through Roosh’s book titles on Amazon.

'The reason I came here is because the percentage of English men who read me is very large,' Roosh told Reggie. 'The problem is that men are not allowed to speak the views that I am speaking. It takes an outsider to come here and not be afraid of the hate-crime laws that you guys have.'

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