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It's Time To Talk About Getting Groped in Nightclubs By Gurning, Sweaty Strangers

The Debrief: Hollaback London have launched Good Night Out - a campaign to stop sexual harassment in bars and clubs.

It’s a sad truth that getting unwanted advances from gross, sweaty men on a night out is as inevitableas getting fried chicken on the way home. It almost seems like some men think that, just by virtue of being in a dark space where alcohol is consumed, girls are basically asking to get their bums pinched. Which is why today's launch of ‘Good Night Out’, the first ever co-ordinated action to end sexual harassment in clubs, bars and venues, is good news.

The campaign is headed up by the Hollaback London girls, who are encouraging women to share their experiences of sexual harassment on social media to send a message that it won’t go unchallenged. 'Groping, bum-slapping, and sexually aggressive behaviour are all too common aspects of night outs in London. We started this campaign because so many women and LGTBQ people submit stories of harassment and even assault in clubs and pubs to our website; and these experiences are now so commonplace that they’re actually putting people off going out altogether,' Julia Gray, co-director of Hollaback London, has said. 'We’re challenging our night time economy to create safer nights out for all their customers. Taking on our up-front, coordinated approach means sending a public message that this behaviour won’t go unchallenged. We’re completely independent and are encouraging everyone to tweet their experiences on #goodnightout so we can ensure the pledge is put into practice.’

The campaign has been endorsed by End Violence Against Women Coalition and Everyday Sexism and already some of London’s biggest clubs – including Fabric and Ministry of Sound – have become signatories of the campaign. The super clubs, as well as smaller venues like Dalston Superstore and Vice-owned venue The Old Blue Last have committed to putting posters all over their venues to encourage people to report sexual harassment to members of their staff.

Which is good news. And might just mean we have a genuinely #goodnightout free of hassle soon.

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