Chemmie Squier | Acting Fashion & Beauty Editor | Thursday, 26 March 2015

This Hilair Video Shows What The Internet Would Be Like If Websites Were Real People

Here's Exactly What The Internet Would Look Like If Websites Were Real People. Prepare To Lol.

The Debrief: Like Instagram IRL would obviously be a kooky girl who wears a polaroid camera around her neck

Websites have distinct personalities. They look and speak a certain way, have likes and dislikes and have opinions, which means they’re pretty much people. Just 2D, oh and on a screen. Webzine Cracked totally gets this and has imagined what it would be like if all of the best known websites were high school students and totally nailed it. 

The only one they’ve missed out is The Debrief, who would obviously be the hungover yet sassy cool girl hanging out at the bike sheds.

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