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Hate Apple's New Wireless Earbuds? For $10 You Can Get Now Get 'Airpod Straps'

The Debrief: A wire accessory for your new wireless Airpods. This is a joke, right?

Tempted to pick up Apple’s new Airpods – their first cordless Bluetooth earbuds – with your new iPhone 7? Well, don’t forget the part that Apple apparently did… the wire. 

According to Spigen, the makers of the Airpods Strap ($10), this must-have accessory for new Apple Airpods owners (out in October for £159) will ensure you don’t lose your precious white and wireless earbuds. It also means devotees of the original, wired, Apple Earpods who run, skip or sweat profusely and/or regularly won’t lose them when endeavouring to continue to move around quickly. Apparently this is something we really need in our lives because - according to Spigen - the inability to rest your earphone on your neck can get really annoying. So annoying. 

Sorry, are we missing something here? Or are they? Surely if you needed wired headphones, just use the ones you already have – or will get – with your new iPhone. Apple’s Airpods will be the same sound quality as the original Earpods. That slightly tinny, Vaseline-y version of your music that a sound connoisseur wouldn’t cut his mustard with, anyway.OK, so maybe the Airpods Strap would make sure you can’t lose them, but the only point of the Airpods is the lack of wires, surely. And we’re back to square one again. 

So this has to be a stupid internet joke, right? 

If Apple Airpods are already on your wishlist, and you’re into the idea of adding wires to your wireless headphones (or just want to check if they actually exist!), you can find the Spigen Airpods Strap for US$10 here.

Apple Airpods are due to be released in October 2016, and cost £159. 

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