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11 Things To Buy Your Friends For Christmas

11 Things To Buy Your Friends For Christmas

The Debrief: Just one thing each, mind.

I'm sort of assuming that your friends are like me, because these are mostly just things that I'd like, and one thing that I already have. Extra points if you're actually my friend, and you buy one of these for me. Minus points if we've never met, but you buy one of these for me anyway, and then turn up at my front door with it in wrapping paper that you made by collaging pictures of my face together.

So yeah, happy shopping.

Davids Head Planet, £20, Lazy Oaf; Bathing Monkeys Print, £18, Cha Com Letras; iPhone 6/6s Martian Munch Case, £16, Skinny Dip London; Wet Dogs Book, £12.99, Asos; Novella Journal, £14, anthropologie; Ping Pong, £8, Urban Outfitters; Patchwork Saddle Bag, £32, Topshop; Black Kit Cat Clock; £49, Maiden; Mood Stone Necklace, £18, Eclectic Eccentricity; 3D Dog Playing Cards, £10, Habitat; Wookie Cookies Biscuit Barrel, £15, Maiden

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