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Zayn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s New Lotus Tattoo Symbolises Creation AND Drugs. What A Combo!

Zayn's New Lotus Tattoo Symbolises Creation AND Drugs. What A Combo!

The Debrief: Zayn's tattoo has got classical and spiritual roots, but will we ever find out what it's really about?

Zayn Malik's doing a lot these days, making the sort of headlines that Justin Bieber used to make back when he was drag racing and pissing in mop buckets and the like. But, perhaps a bit timid-er than old Biebs, all Zayn's done now (after leaving One Direction, arguing with his ex-bandmates, arguing with his rebound producer, signing to the same record label as Dido, dumping his fiancée Perrie Edwards) is...get a tattoo. But this tattoo is of a lotus flower. Which is symbolic of a lot.

The sacred lotus, or padma, is revered by Hindus, and it is representative of purity and creation. It's also regarded highly by some Chinese cultures because an 11th Century student of Confucius, Zhou Dunyi, one wrote: 'I love the lotus because while growing from mud, it is unstained'.

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And then, there's the whole 'lotus-eaters' thing. In Greek mythology, the Lotophagi were people who lived on an island at the north of Africa. The island was covered in lotuses, so the Lotophagi would eat the lotuses – FYI, phagi is Greek for 'eat,' that's why people who eat bogies are indulging in naso (nose) phagi (eating). The thing is, though, is that lotuses were said to be narcotic, so everyone would eat them and just be high for ages.

So Zayn's tattoo is either a drug reference or a spirituality reference, which, we think you'll agree, cleverly does the trick of fulfilling two requirements of what tattoos are for.

Zayn's whole input on it?

We Googled 'Honolulu' and 'lotus' and got the Lotus Hotel in Honolulu. Rooms are from £178, in case you're wondering. Zayn's every move might be pored over more than ever before right now, but that whole 'mysterious' thing? It's still kind of sticking.

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