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Zayn Malik Unfriends Former BFF Naughty Boy By Calling Him A \\\'Fat Joke\\\'

Zayn Malik Unfriends Former BFF Naughty Boy By Calling Him A 'Fat Joke'

The Debrief: Zayn used to be tight with the producer, but we all know what happens to those intense affairs…

Zayn Malik has parted ways with his erstwhile BFF Naughty Boy, lashing out at him on Twitter with a tirade that Directioners (are they still called Directioners now he’s left One Direction? Or do they have another nickname? Keep us posted) have decreed shows no chill whatsoever, using the hashtag #ZAYNHASNOCHILL to chat about what happened.

The perfectly-eyebrowed crooner tweeted:

Followed by:

What on earth is this all about? We did some intense investigative research/Googling, and the video in question is a few seconds of Zayn in a clip for a cover he did with Krept and Konan:

Judging from the piano keyboard under the computer screen, which hints the video was done by someone involved in music, and the reflection in the screen, which is of actual Naughty Boy’s body, it looks like he leaked the video. (FYI, Zayn’s mention of ‘logic’ isn’t the brain logic Naughty Boy would need to not appear in a video he secretly leaked, but the software many music producers use to make songs.)

Further to all this, Naughty Boy seemed unhappy with the situation before Zayn got wind of the video, tweeting stuff like:

Both seem pretty hurt by it all, but it all begs the question why Zayn didn’t want the video leaked? It’s not as if Krept and Konan hadn’t already spoken about the cameo Zayn had in the unfinished video, telling the International Business Times of all publications, ‘We’ve done a little cover with [Malik] and we shot a video, but it just didn’t end up coming out because it didn’t get finished.’

Zayn and Naughty Boy were so tight in the days after Zayn left One Direction they amassed a veritable bromance in just a few hours of studio time together. But, like holiday romances and prawns in hot weather, some flings just aren’t built to last…

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