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Zayn Malik Is ‘A Bellend’ Says Perrie Edwards

Zayn Malik Is ‘A Bellend’ Says Perrie Edwards

The Debrief: Perrie made the off-the-cuff comment in a radio interview…

Are you allowed to say ‘bellend’ on the radio? Maybe you are in Northern Ireland, where Little Mix got talking about exes and the use of the word ‘bellend’ in their song, Hair.

When they were asked about the ‘naughty word’ in the song, Jade Thirlwall told UTV: ‘Well you know sometimes when you break-up with someone they are that word so it’s alright to say in a song’

Perrie then added: ‘Yeah it is. He was just a bell-end and I knew it.’ Now, the comments might have been in inverted commas, but considering Perrie’s last relationship was allegedly ended via text and, you know, it was a pretty long relationship, we can’t imagine she’s talking about anyone BUT Zayn Malik.

Meanwhile, yesterday, Zayn posted an Instagram photo of himself smoking and playing a videogame. And rumours amongst the One Direction fandom comprise of much paranoia that Liam Payne is going to quit the band. This is just a hunch because he is following a similar pattern that Zayn did before leaving the band.

First of all he’s been too ill to perform, second of all he’s split up with his girlfriend and now, well, if he’s just like Zayn, he’ll be leaving One Direction. It seems unlikely as the boys are due to ‘take a break’ soon enough, and you’d think Liam could wait it out just like the rest seem to be. But then again, stranger things have happened. We’ll keep you posted.

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