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Zayn, Brooklyn And Mark Ronson Show Us Their New Locks, Internet Collapses

The Debrief: Holding the 'new year, new you' mantra to their hearts, three famous guys got their hair did this weekend. And yes, it is news...

What do Zayn Malik, Brooklyn Beckham and Mark Ronson all have in common? Clue: they’re making the internet awash with hair-related hysteria (ok, well not Mark so much), because every single one of them has got themselves a new haircut over the weekend. Well, new year, new you and all that.

Zayn, he of One Direction fame, has apparently been growing his hair very long not only so he can stun an entire fandom with one straggly bit of frontal quiff, but so that he could go on to do what Joey Essex did before him (and countless men and women before him, who are doubtlessly annoyed their trendy haircut ‘went Essex’). What is this ‘do he’s done? It’s the…well, we haven’t got a name for it, but it’s one of those pony-on-the-top, shaved-back-and-sides things.

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After Zayn uploaded a photo of the hair to insty (‘Here Ya Go’ was the caption), the One Direction fandom has gone beserk, with some wondering if Harry Styles will be able to cope now that his team long-hair bandmate has gone half-shorn.


Meanwhile, Brooklyn Beckham’s doffed his cap to his father David by getting his hair dyed a streaky blond (just at the top, obvs, so a bit more like Niall from One Direction than his dad). He uploaded a photo of the ‘do to Instagram, along with the appropriately masculine ‘blonds have more fun’. Comments in response to a 15-year-old boy getting his hair dyed?


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‘BIEBER BIEBER BIEBER BIEBER BIEBER BIEBER BIEBER BIEBER BIEBER’, ‘Why does boys like you doesn’t be in my school. -_-‘ ‘Oh for fuck sake Brooklyn’ and ‘Why must you be so hot. It’s painful.’


Then, of course, there’s Mark Ronson, who hasn’t quite got the same obsessive fanbase as members of One Direction or the offspring of two very famous people, but has had a haircut. The 39-year-old got his quiff seen to with a few go-faster stripes on the side, debuting the look on, um, Sunday Brunch. Although no-one seems to have lost their shit about his new do, he’s successfully proven that even the older guy out there can have fun with their hair. And what can we learn from this? If guys are allowed to be creative, then of course, we get to step up our game and do our hair even more ridiculously. Or just feel a little bit more comfortable if we do already have out-there hair.

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