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Your Need To Know On Last Night's Peter Pan Live Starring Girl's Allison Williams

The Debrief: It was like watching someone else's cheesedream

Last night, NBC aired Peter Pan Live!, a sort of  live panto on TV with celebs dancing around and the whole thing went on for three hours. We say 'sort of live' because there's been speculation that the cast were lip synching, and that parts appeared pre-recorded, but either way - it was baffling, and quite fun, but mainly baffling, so everyone is going to be talking about it today.

Here are the main point you have to know in order to confidently join in a conversation without saying 'I'm sorry, Christopher Walken and WHAT?!'

Allison Williams was Peter Pan and she was... Interesting

Girls star Allison Williams played the title role and there was a lot of wide eyed, maniacal intensity that could be taken as commitment, but also it was a bit scary. There was also the unintentional hilarity of her 'I CAN FLY!' bit with wires that involved her booting the crap out of a light fitting. Performance (aerial or otherwise) aside, a lot of critics have commented on her insanely white teeth, so it might be worth throwing in a casual 'Yeah her teeth were way too white' if anyone's chatting about it and you don't want to get into a blow-by-blow analysis.

Christopher Walken forgot a line

Amid the three hour bonanza, the acting stalwart who played Hook forgot a line and it was pretty awkward. In fact, there were a fair few points when it seemed the Oscar winner had to use the cue cards to get his words out. He also had very arched drawn-on eyebrows, like Widow Twanky but hey, it's panto.

Taylor Louderman (Wendy) got rave reviews

Not quite as big an actor as Allison or Christopher, a lot of eyes were on Taylor who did a really bang-up job as Wendy Darling. She was wide-eyed without being annoying, innocent without being annoying, and Wendy Darling without being annoying, which is a feat very few people have managed to achieve.

The Crocodile was a bit shit

Nothing really to say here, just that it looked a bit crap and was a man dressed as a crocodile (obviously, because this isn't magicland/crocodiles aren't tame enough to get involved in stage productions).

The timing was a bit weird

At the point where Tinkerbell (AN IPHONE RINGTONE GUYS, IT'S SO MODERN AND CLEVER) dies and Peter Pan has to tell the kids at home to 'clap and cheer to keep Tinkerbell alive!' it was about 10pm, which meant that there was a negligable amount of children watching who could help Tinkerbell. The fact that it worked, and she got better again, just seems improbable. Look, we're not being pedantic it just wasn't REAL enough for us. Alright, fine, that is quite pedantic.

There was a cool sky-pirhouette

Allison  shoots up into the sky during the climactic fight and it was really cool actually. We want to be able to fly.

Summary: It was too long, like watching someone else's cheese dream on TV, and yeah we'll probably watch it again because it was basically really entertaining and as camp as Christmas.

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