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Woman (Lily Allen) Wears Actual Coat On Red Carpet!

Woman (Lily Allen) Wears Actual Coat On Red Carpet!

The Debrief: And yes, the fact this happened, at the British Fashion Awards of all places, is news…

When it comes to practicool trends, Lily Allen was a forerunner in her trainers and ballgown combos – she looked cool, but not so cool she was hurting herself/suffering for her fashion. And now, true to tradition, the pop star has donned a fleece-lined sports jacket for the red carpet.

She wore the bright blue Supreme hooded coat – which matches her new blue hair – over her metallic Chanel dress to walk the red carpet at the British Fashion Awards, of all places.

No word yet on what Chanel supremo Karl Lagerfeld thought of the get-up, but he can hardly complain – temperatures in central London last night dropped to 5C.

What world is this when a woman is given a glitzy dress to wear but only on condition she freezes to high heaven while wearing it?! No wonder women have said so many bitchy/stupid/mean/boring things on the red carpet – they’re too cold to properly function!

Woman (Lily Allen) Wears Actual Coat On Red Carpet!

Only after signing autographs/taking selfies with fans, did Lily remove her jacket for close-up photos. Once inside the Coliseum, where the BFAs were held, Lily only kept her coat on to pose for a photo with one-time enemy Cheryl Fernandez-Versini.

Over 10 years ago, Cheryl called Lily a ‘chick with a dick’ in response to Lily writing a song called Cheryl Tweedy (which actually went ‘wish I was a bit more like Cheryl Tweedy’, which is Cheryl’s maiden name, FYI).

It seems Lily’s BFF and Cheryl’s X Factor co-judge Nick Grimshaw was the glue that brought the pair together, but maybe next time Cheryl could wear a coat too and the pair can gloat about how toasty warm they both are. Normcore for all!

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