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Why Fleur East Is The Best Thing To Happen To X Factor (And Us) In Years

The Debrief: Hey Fleur, if you ever you know, like fancy a drink or something, let us know

Unless you spent the last two days facedown in mince pies and mulled wine (an entirely plausible possibility) you’re probably already all aboard the Fleur East train (next stop: world music domination please). On Saturday night, after performing Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ new, unreleased song Uptown Funk, the 26-year-old from Walthamstow single handedly took this series of The X Factor from meh, to OMFG.

Here’s why...

She can dance
No offense to you guys, but you know how you think you can dance acceptably in public and not make a total dick of yourselves and then you see someone who can ACTUALLY dance and you’re like, ‘Oh, right, nevermind then.’ Also, how after you’ve had a couple of drinks, you think you’re Beyonce, but really you look like this? Yep, all past X Factor contestants now look a bit like that in comparison to the stomptastic Fleur.

She’s in the overs
Hey, nothing against all the 19-year-old popstars out there and all; good on you ladies, congrats for doing what we failed to do and winning big by a terrifyingly young age. At 26, Fleur isn’t exactly signing up for her OAP bus pass, but she does make us twenty-somethings think that, erm, maybe, just maybe we might not have to hang up the metaphorical hotpants and Britney headset just yet. Simon, we’ll be waiting for your call.

She’s been working her arse off for years
!! Shock horror, an X Factor contestant has prior training and dealings with the music industry. Yep, well, it shows, too. Fleur started out in Addictiv Ladies who were a sort of En Vogue-esque girlband dressed up in terrible noughties clothing who got through to The X Factor live shows in 2005. She’s also worked a lot with DJ Fresh, and released a couple of singles through the record label Strictly Rhythm, then an EP off her own back (which included this sick mash up of Frank Ocean's Super Rich Kids and Lorde's Royals, BTW. Oh, and she also found time to do a journalism and contemporary history degree at Queen Mary University Of London.

That hair
Regular Debrief readers will know how much we’ve been coveting Fleur’s hair. Obvs, if you don't have an afro barnet you’re going to have to be content with staring longingly at Fleur’s, while bemoaning your own sad flat tresses, but if you are lucky enough to have such majestic locks, Fleur’s hair stylist Jamie Stevens gave us tips on how to get her look which you can totally copy here.

Uptown Funk is a total tune and she owned it
I mean, sure there’s been some criticism concerning the choice of song with Lily Allen at the helm tweeting, ‘It this even out yet? #XFactor … Well done to @sony for managing to get a not yet released song of their sung on prime time weekend telly. #uptownfunk #shazam #airplay.’ BUT, what we care more about is that Fleur took an (admittedly wicked) song whose video consists of Bruno Mars ogling girls on the street, made it her own and had such an impact that the release date was changed. How’s that for girl power?

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