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Where Were You When Jennifer Aniston Married Justin Theroux?

Where Were You When Jennifer Aniston Married Justin Theroux?

The Debrief: We know where Brad Pitt was…

Ok, so this might be the very last time we connect Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt to each other as if she’s somehow not over their 2005 split (it’s 10 years ago! That’s a long time to get over someone, even someone as handsomely jawed as Brad Pitt!). Here’s why.

Last night, it was revealed that on Wednesday, Jennifer Aniston married Justin Theroux, who she’s been going out with for about four years.

Sources told People magazine that 74 guests attended, with Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe from Friends), Courteney Cox (Monica from Friends), Howard Stern, Tobey Maguire, Emily Blunt, Jimmy Kimmel, Sia (?!), Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi and comedian you have to Google right now Whitney Cummings making the celebrities: normal ratio pretty heavy on the former.

Terry Richardson was also in attendance, presumably to fill the wedding quota of ‘sleazy uncle who likes to make jokes about his penis to women he doesn’t know to a soundtrack of Jon Bon Jovi’s Livin’ On A Prayer.

As yet it’s unknown if Louis Theroux, Justin’s actual cousin, was there, all we know right now is that, on the day of the wedding, he was Tweeting about radical preacher Anjem Choudary and Jon Stewart’s departure from The Daily Show.

Anyway, aerial images of Jennifer and Justin’s Bel Air home show that, yes, they had all the marquees and table arrangements necessary for a wedding, and it’s pretty lovely that after all the speculation, Jennifer’s probably been pretty happy all along. So congratulations to them both! If they’re reading this.

As for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie? They’ll always remember where they were when Jennifer got married, because it was just when they released a trailer for the first film they’ve starred in since 2003’s Mr & Mrs Smith (the film they met on but strangely had no chemistry in!).

By The Sea, which is directed by Angelina, seems to show a glamorous couple falling apart at the seams, avoiding eye contact, drinking, sleeping on different sides of the bed, then Angelina slapping Brad. It’s like a film of a Lana Del Rey video. Released last night, the trailer was just in time for Jennifer and Justin to enjoy on their honeymoon. Should either of them give a flying fuck, that is.

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