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When Harry Met Emma, The Internet Nearly Broke

The Debrief: Harry Styles gave Emma Watson an Award last night. Twitter lost its shit.

Harry Styles (heard of him? He wears good clothes and a couple of people fancy him) presented Emma Watson with the British Style Award at the British Fashion Awards last night, and the entire of Twitter nearly broke with intense longing. Not just for Harry, but for Harry and Emma to go out. 

'Harry Styles just said the words: "He for She," so that's really cool,' the actress said, flustered, as she received her gong – which basically sent the internet into meltdown as everyone scrabbled around for pictures of the pair of them, in an attempt to will them into a romance by the sheer force of numbers. Harry had indeed namechecked the equality movement she launched as part of her role as UN Goodwill ambassador, saying he supported it 'and so should you,' which didn't help the hormones on social media.

And to be honest, we're totally on board because JUST LOOK AT THEM:

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