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What Did Adele\\\\\\\'s Ex-Boyfriend Do To Deserve TWO Albums About Him?

What Did Adele's Ex-Boyfriend Do To Deserve TWO Albums About Him?

The Debrief: She’s now written two albums mostly about this heinous ex…he must have done something seriously bad…

Adele’s album 25 has leaked. So reviewers have now got an opportunity to listen to the album. But while the contents remain securely under watermarks and security tags to stop whoever’s listening from wanting to upload it online for free, Adele’s heart seems to be running much freer. Especially when it comes to that ex-boyfriend.

Yes, the ex-boyfriend she wrote 21 about is the ex-boyfriend she apparently has written a great whack of 25 about. This is despite having a new boyfriend in the form of Simon Konecki, whom she’s had a son, Angelo, with.

It’s led Caitlin Moran to wonder:

The ongoing jokes aren’t exactly side-splitting e.g.

But the sheer mudanity of the examples points towards the fact that, unless Adele’s ex did something outrageously awful, like, near-criminally awful, it doesn’t quite make sense that she’s so upset by it now. So maybe she’s just nitpicking about the smaller things the ex did wrong, mining whatever history they have that wasn’t already covered by 21.

After all, if we’re going to relate to her heartbreak as conveyed by her lyrics, maybe it has to be all the nitpicking. Who hasn’t broken up with someone based on a tiny little repeated annoyance that’s chipped away at us until we’re all frenzied and hateful of someone we used to love?

Um, OK, maybe that’s just us. Maybe getting annoyed at mundane things, eg Adele swearing or forgetting to do her washing because she’s so rich and pampered and used to other people normally doing it for her was the bad thing her ex did!

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