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We Found Videos Of Celebrities In Shit Adverts

Justin Timberlake As A Giant Lime And Other Weird Celebrity Adverts

The Debrief: Remember when Tina Fey did that advert for Mutual Savings Bank? Us neither...

Justin Timberlake has done some strange stuff. Remember when he put his dick in a box on SNL? That was weird. Now he’s added another oddity to the list and only gone and dressed up as a giant lime for a video promoting his tequila brand, Sauza 901.  

Justin plays the character Rick 'Sour' Vane, a lime who reveled in fame and fortune when the lime and tequila combo was at its height, but who lost it all when Timeberlake’s tequila came along (because it’s delicious all on it’s own – obvs).

 The mockumentary cum advert got us thinking about what other celebrities have lent their faces to truly terrible ads. Turns out, there are a LOT. Here are five of the most awkward. 

Britney Spears - Japanese Suki sweets

Back in 1999, Britney decided it would be a good idea to advertise sweets in Japan. Not only is the synchronised dance with the security guard cringe worthy, the sweeties she has to munch on resemble – let’s be honest - tiny gelatine nipples. On the plus side, her Japanese is pretty spot on. You can watch the video on YouTube here

Bruce Willis - Seagram’s Golden wine coolers

Before hitting it big and getting a rep as a Die Hard hard man, Brucey got his kicks from sipping on wine coolers and singing to his mates (he’s not half bad). All that crooning looks like hard work though - get that man a Seagram’s Golden wine cooler; he bloody loves them.  

Bradley Cooper – Häagen-Dazs

Bradley Cooper’s got it all going on – sexiest man alive alumni, Oscar winner, besties with J-Law - so the fact he decided to star in one of the cheesiest adverts ever is baffling. Bringing a full tub of vanilla ice-cream to a party (we all get the munchies mid-shindig, right) is pretty awkward, but the cherry on top of the embarrassing ice cream sunday has to be the slow-mo face he pulls at the end of the ad. You have to watch it all the way through to get the full effect. 

 Tina Fey – Mutual Savings Bank

We’ve all done stuff in the past that we’re embarrassed about. I performed (what I thought was) the precise dance Britney does in Me Against The Music for my entire school year. Tina, on the other hand, did this advert. Of course, she’s still manages to be pretty funny but I’m sure she’d rather forget the 80s hair do and ‘interesting’ waistcoat. 

Matthew McConaughey – Lincoln MKC

He may have the sexy Southern drawl going on but the fact that he's talking to a bull in this advert slightly undermines Matthew McConaughey's cool vibe. The fact that the bull's name is Ol’ Cyrus (why??) doesn't exactly help. I sure hope you got a car out of this, Matthew. 

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