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Watch Taylor Swift’s Video For Bad Blood, Play The Drinking Game We Made

Watch Taylor Swift’s Video For Bad Blood, Play The Drinking Game We Made

The Debrief: The celeb-studded video might land you in deep drunken trouble, though…

Taylor Swift’s celebrity-studded video for Bad Blood is finally here and we’ve got a drinking game for it: Do A Shot Every Time You See A Celeb Kick Ass. The only setback? There are so many celebrities in it that it might be a lot safer for you to just drink shots of water instead, you know, to keep your hydration up.

Other things you can do in case you’re bored of watching and re-watching a video brimming with all-fighting, all-singing squadrons of women? You can reveal that the opening scene is set in London, England, and that Taylor and Selena Gomez (playing Catastrophe and Arsyn) are beating up loads of suits in what could be a revenge attack for the fact their dodgy dealings helped plunge us all into a financial crisis (though Taylor seems to be doing OK – we can’t imagine the money invested into this video).


You can also enjoy Lena Dunham sucking on a cigar as be-suited bigwig Lucky Fiori, you can assess whether Kendrick Lamar’s verse is perhaps a little tamer than the one on Control because he’s got to be well-behaved for pop these days and you can wonder if Cara Delevingne – such a big star in the UK – is sidelined to the far right during the all-girl squad marching sequence because, in the grand scheme of things, she’s not that internationally famous.

You can also speculate if Taylor was thinking about a million teenage boys’ wank-dreams when she got the wet-look hair and stepped into the ring to have a de-gloved boxing match with Karlie Kloss, you can gawp at Cindy Crawford/Jessica Alba for looking so incredible and wonder how they’re mates with Taylor, you can chin-stroke and have a littel think about how Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora (whose ex, Calvin Harris, is now dating Taylor) might think about this video after their stellar efftots with the very similar Black Widow, and you can marvel over Ellie Goulding’s blink-and-you’ll-miss-it-but-not-for-that-long-because-she’s-back-with-a-ban bit.

Rumour has it that this song and video, all concerned with revenge for someone Taylor used to be close with, is about Katy Perry, who allegedly ‘stole’ two of Taylor’s tour dancers, but we wonder if Taylor would even want to give Katy the pride of having helped her make one of the best videos since Lady Gaga was making videos.

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