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We Dissect The Twitter Spat Between Piers Morgan, JK Rowling And A Bookshop

We Dissect The Twitter Spat Between Piers Morgan, JK Rowling And A Bookshop

The Debrief: Behold the book shop that took down Piers Morgan

Anyone who takes on Piers Morgan is very very brave, and it would seem each week he gets into a different Twitter argument with a different celebrity. This week, that has fallen on JK Rowling, who may or may not have started it. After watching his appearance on a US talk show, in which Piers got into a heated debate with Australian comedian Jim Jefferies about none other than Donald Trump. This resulted in Jefferies telling Morgan to ‘FUCK OFF!!!,’ something JK Rowling found most amusing – so she took to her favourite platform, Twitter, to express this. 

Here’s what she tweeted. 

Not one to stay quiet, Piers Morgan OBVIOUSLY responded stating that he had never read a word of her books. As if JK Rowling desperately needs Piers Morgan to read her books? I’m going to hazard a guess that millions of people have devoured them countless times, it’s ok if you haven’t Piers. JK Rowling’s reply was quick, witty and reactive as per usual. 

Perhaps Piers Morgan can do magic? Lol jk of course he can't, he's 100% muggle. 

 Nope, but we bet screaming ‘FUCK OFF!!!’ was satisfying? 

*inserts fire emoji* 

And now I would like to introduce the real hero of this story. A bookshop in North London, who spent their Sunday evening enlightens Piers Morgan with the world of Harry Potter. Big Green Bookshop typed out every-single word of Harry Potter and the Philopsher’s Stone over Twitter to Piers. 

The tweets didn’t go unnoticed, the account starting trending and people started tweeting their reactions.
I think we’ve all learned a valuable life lesson here. Do not take on JK Rowling, because it will backfire, and you will have to spend your evening muting your phone because the notifications are too much to handle. The end. 

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