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This Is What Paolo From Friends Looks Like Now

This Is What Paolo From Friends Looks Like Now

The Debrief: Rachel Might Have Made A Mistake When It Comes To Paolo The Dreamy Italian

Remember Paolo? You know, the Italian lothario who first got in the way of Ross and Rachel’s inevitable romance in The One With The Blackout? Well, he’s quite the silver fox nowadays. 

Despite a brief encounter in season two when Rachel sleeps with him to make herself feel better about Julie and Ross’s new relationship, we thought we waved goodbye to Paolo when he made a pass at Phoebe and Rachel dumped him in season one. But fast forward 22 years and here he is, back in our lives again. 

Swapping Paolo’s signature dark, curly locks for a shorter, more sophisticated style, actor Cosimo Fusco is pretty much an Italian George Clooney. Although best known for his role in Friends, Cosimo has also stared in films, including the 2009 blockbuster Angels & Demons as well as a number of German and Italian TV series. 

Maybe Ross was right to be jealous all those years ago? Rachel would surely be kicking herself right now, you know, if Friends was real and Cosimo was actually Paolo and all the gang really did live together in New York and go to Central Perk to drink coffee every five minutes. If only. 

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