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The White House Misspelt Theresa May\'s Name.

The White House Misspelt Theresa May's Name. Yes, Seriously

The Debrief: Life lesson learnt from the White House: always check your spelling. ALWAYS.

Work fuck ups are inevitable at some point or other in your career. I’ve misspelt more words than I can count (sorry, editor) and luckily for me it hasn’t made front page news. Unfortunately for the poor soul who wrote the schedule for Theresa May’s big visit to the White House, their spelling mistake didn’t go unnoticed. 

You may have heard, but Theresa May is spending a bit of time with President Donald Trump this week in hopes of saving Britain’s special relationship with the US. According to their schedule ‘in the afternoon, the President will partake in a bilateral meeting with United Kingdom Prime Minister, ‘Tersea May.’ First blunder.

At 12pm, ‘THE PRESIDENT holds bilateral meeting with ‘Teresa May,’ Prime Minister of United Kingdom,’ Oh annnnnd there it is again. 

Then later at approximately 1.40pm, ‘THE PRESIDENT participates in a working luncheon with ‘Tersea May,’ Prime Minister of United Kingdom.' Yep. Again. Really. 

Thersea May mispelling
Thersea May mispelling 

So her name was misspelt not once, but three times. Three times, please. Is Google not a thing? We’re they not prepping for the PM's arrival all week?

News outlets have been quick to suggest that they mistakenly took the Prime Minister for British porn star, Tersea May – but we’re putting it down to some poor soul with little time to Google, who forgot to double check the British way of spelling her name. 

Life lesson learnt from the White House: also check your spelling. ALWAYS. 

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