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There\'s Going To Be A Friends Musical - But There\'s One Catch

There's Going To Be A Friends Musical - But There's One Catch

The Debrief: Could we BE anymore excited?

If watching re-runs of Friends is wearing a bit thin, it might be time to book a flight to Chicago in time or the unauthorised Friends musical. You heard us, this is happening. 

Launching in June, Friends: The One Where They Sing,  is going to be primilarly about the first season of Friends in a 90-minute spectacular spectacular (yes, we are quoting Moulin Rogue here, for good reason). 

Before everyone looses their shit and expects Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry to appear on stage (although, you will find him on another London stage somewhere), it won’t have any of the original cast members – the clue is in the word ‘unauthorised.’ 

The Table Read in 15 seconds!

Last night we had the "Table Read" for the show. Here is the whole night boiled down to 15 seconds!

Posted by Friends: The One Where They Sing - The UnAuthorized Musical Parody on Monday, 7 March 2016

Written and directed by mega Friends fan, Eli Golden, who – like most of us, watches the show every night before bed – the musical will be debuted in time or the Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival, from June 10th till 29th July.

Check out information on the show here, oh and flights are currently at about £658 so maybe put down that Prep burrito and start bringing in your lunches at home?

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