Stevie Martin | Staff Writer | Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The New Vanity Fair Hollywood Cover Is Out - Here Are The Best Ones From Days Gone By

The Debrief: So many amazing covers. Here are our faves...

Channing Tatum! Amy Adams! Benedict Cumberbatch! Eddie Redmayne! Reese Witherspoon! Vanity Fair’s latest annual Hollywood cover features a whole host of Brits, plus Amy Adams draped around Channing Tatum’s not insubstantial neck, and was shot by photographer extraordinaire Annie Leibovitz. While they’ve gone for the more established, 30-plus crowd (and included Sienna Miller, which is interesting and a bit baffling) doing old-style glamour, they’ve also really captured a moment. As always. 

To commemorate the cover, here’s a gallery of our favourite Hollywood covers that also totally encapsulated an era of film. Remember the pink one with Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes and Hilary Duff? The one where Scarlett Johansson got her butt out? Let’s reminisce…

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