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David Attenborough

The Great Barrier Reef Is Going To Be David Attenborough's Last 'Proper Documentary.' Sob.

The Debrief: We'll never forget

If there’s one man we love doing documentaries (not forgetting mega babe Louis Theroux, obviously) it’s David Attenborough. The news that his latest doc, Great Barrier Reef could be his last ‘proper one’ naturally shook us to the core. The core. Apparently the man with the smoothest voice in the world is taking a back seat from ‘on-the-road’ documentaries from now on, so wave goodbye to him physically being there on location. He is 88-years-old though, it’s about time we let him have a break from traveling. 

So, here's to the man that gave us Frozen Planet and Blue Planet (those deep sea creatures scared the shit out of me). Hey, he even went there and did Human Planet. Frozen Planet was my personal favourite, I remember watching it in first year at University with 19 other severly hungover freshers. All of us huddled up in our kitchen starring up in awe at our project screen, pretty sure Dominoes was involved, when wasn't it. Bloody magic it was. Here are all your best bits Dave. 

1. That time a frog jumped on your face.  You just laughed cause that's just the type of guy you are 

2. Young David messing around with some gorillas. Look how calm he was, hero. 

3. Just everything about this is so, so right 

4. Here he is touching a rhino, as you do 

Here are some more best bits to watch on your way home from work when rush hour gets a bit too much. His voice will calm you right now. We'll miss you, David.  

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