Eve Simmons | Contributing Writer | Thursday, 4 February 2016

The Friends Reunion Trailer Is Finally Here

The Friends Reunion Trailer Is Finally Here

The Debrief: This is brand new information

Hold on to your astronomically large coffee mugs, the Friends cast are together again, sat right next to each other. On a COUCH (apart from Matthew Perry who’s rehearsing a play in London). 

You may remember a little birdy telling you back in January that the cast would, at long last, reunite for an NBC special on 21st February in honour of their hailed TV director, James Borrows. I mean Borrows was the director of The One Where Ross And Rachel Take A Break, so he’s pretty much a modern day creative genius. 

This painfully teasing snippet of the rendezvous dropped overnight, which revealed some never-before-known BRAND NEW INFORMATION. Watch the teaser below to reveal the hidden secret behind the show’s prolonged success…

Ah, it all makes so much sense now. Promise not to shag your colleagues and you’ll make a sweet million dollars a day. Not gonna lie, kind of disappointed that Monica and Chandler didn’t really have sex against their apartment window… 

So there you go, they’ll be there for you once again (apart from Matthew Perry). 

Classic Chandler. He’s probably really busy at work - wait, what does he do again?

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