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The First Ebola Case Has Been Confirmed In The UK And J Law’s Got This To Say About It…

The Debrief: The Hunger Games stars have spoken out about the imbalance of treatment for Ebola victims

We were all pretty shocked when the first UK Ebola case was reported on Monday. Nurse Pauline Cafferky was diagnosed with the disease after spending time as an Ebola aid worker in Sierra Leone and flying back home to Glasgow. 

Despite being tested seven times and Cafferky saying she felt unwell, British airports allowed her to fly. Understandably, people are now freaking out about whether the tests are effective, but it’s looking like Cafferky will recover, unlike many of the African patients she was caring for. 

Jennifer Lawrence and her fellow Hunger Games co-stars have taken to the screen in a public service announcement to speak out against this imbalance of survival, highlighting the need for added aid in countries that don’t have rich health resources like here and the US. 

J Law, Josh Hutcherson, Julianne Moore and Liam Hemsworth have all taken part in the video in aid of the Ebola Survival Fund. The film begins by revealing the shocking head count of victims of the disease in countries such as Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea, now totalling almost 20,000, with some West African patients only having a 20% chance of survival. 

The film continues, comparing this frightening reality with the likely hood of surviving Ebola in a privileged Western country: survival rates of cases treated in the US are 100%. When Josh asks J Law what would happen if she contracted Ebola, she says matter of factly, ‘I’d be fine.’ 

We’re hoping that the video will raise awareness of the extra efforts needed on our part to help out those who aren’t as fortunate, but perhaps it might also curtail the hysteria caused by the few, limited cases diagnosed in the West. Let’s be realistic - sensationalist headlines after the disease has hit home probably aren’t going to help, especially when our plight is nothing compared to the thousands of African victims suffering daily. Brownie points to J Law for keeping it real. 

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