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The Definitive Proof That Mariah Carey Invented Christmas

The Definitive Proof That Mariah Carey Invented Christmas

The Debrief: As if you needed any more persuading that Mariah Carey is the original founder of Christmas...

We think we may have the definitive proof that Mariah Carey invented Christmas - The ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ singer has already put her Christmas tree up. 

Mariah Carey, aka the Queen of Christmas, was interviewed live on Good Morning Britain recently, to promote her UK Christmas tour, which is taking place in December. The Grammy award-winning songstress spent the entire interview laid out on a chaise-longue, backdropped by an enormous fir tree glittering with lights and decorations. 


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It might have only been the 2nd October, but she wasn’t holding back. Dressed in a dark red right in front of her Christmas tree, it’s fair to say that she and her home were already looking remarkably festive. 

Twitter exploded with responses, some viewers of the opinion that it was offensively premature, while others defended her.

During the interview, Carey was asked about the Las Vegas shooting, which many viewers felt was inappropriate - given that she was there to promote her upcoming Christmas tour and clearly didn’t expect to be asked to comment on the recent tragic events. 

Well, at least Mariah’s decision to get the Christmas tree out early doors means that the more Christmas-obsessed among us can feel justified in cracking open the mulled wine and a box of mince pies this evening.

After all, we're already marching towards the middle of October, and although they won’t be lit for a few weeks, the Christmas lights have been put up on Oxford Street. We’ll soon be picking our advent calendars and dreaming over a Yule-time holiday to get away from it all, whether we're avoiding the freezing cold weather or the love-life grilling from our aunties. 

We say fair play to Carey, as the Queen of Christmas, she can do whatever she wants. She can have the tree up all year round for all we care.

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