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The #AskThicke Hashtag Shows We’re Not Forgiving Robin Thicke Any Time Soon

The Debrief: VH1's plans to get fans to ask him questions on Twitter went seriously wrong as people took the soul singer apart for his creepy lyrics/video for Blurred Lines...

As far as social media fails go, this one is right up there with Susan Boyle’s #susanalbumparty – well, Robin Thicke wishes – as VH1’s plans to turn Twitter awash with well-meaning crowd-sourced interview questions for the Blurred Lines singer Robin Thicke went awry. Well, not so much awry, but predictably hilarious.

Owing to his sleazy reputation for singing one of the most controversial songs of last year – lyrics such as ‘I know you want it’ combined with a music video with more nudity than a Roman Bacchanal provoked feminist fury, just in case you were living on an electricity-free compound in the outer Hebrides throughout 2013 – the questions pointed the finger at him as a bit of a sex pest. Here are some of our favourites

The actual Q+A starts at 1.30pm EST, which is six hours behind us. Hopefully, come 7.30pm UK time, when Robin's actually there to answer the questions there’ll be some equally funny queries from American Tweeters – it would be a shame if the Robin Thicke-as-rape-apologist trope was restricted to simply one country.

And, hopefully this sort of prolonged response to what was – annoyingly – quite a catchy song released 13 months ago, will put off other artists from being similarly creepy, and perhaps go some way towards teaching blokes that it's not ok live by its edicts.

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