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Taylor Swift Asked To Get Involved In School\\\\\\\'s FInals

Teacher Promises To Cancel High School Finals If Taylor Swift Calls Him

The Debrief: If you want your finals cancelled, get Taylor Swift involved.

Taylor Swift is renowned for getting in touch with her fans, and doing the kind of good deeds you just wouldn't expect from a multi-millionnaire who has kicking ass to be getting on with (let alone being the youngest inclusion on the Forbes Most Powerful Women list). So it makes sense that, when students at a school in Montana wanted to cancel their finals, a deal was struck that it would be cancelled only if Taylor Swift called the teacher.

The student, Ike Stoner, suggested the deal with teacher Colter Pierce agreeing: 'Pretty much all semester, I’ve been talking about Taylor Swift,' the teacher explained, adding that it started as 'kind of a joke' but has now got pretty serious.

This has now blown up to a full campaign – the photo has gone viral and it's becoming more likely that Tay will actually respond. But will her PR deem it good press that she stop a school exam? Surely not. Even if she doesn't call, though, all eyes are on the singer to see what her next move is going to be – because there's no doubt she's seen the picture.

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