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Taylor Swift’s Everlasting List Of On-Stage Mates Parodied And It’s Lol

Taylor Swift’s Everlasting List Of On-Stage Mates Parodied And It’s Lol

The Debrief: After Julia Roberts and Joan Baez – and Little Mix – join Taylor Swift on stage, this girl has some pretty good suggestions as to which other notable women might join the pop star...

This weekend, on her 1989 tour, Taylor Swift invited Julia Roberts (actress, Pretty Woman, come awwwn you know who she is) and Joan Baez (hippie folk singer) AND Little Mix onstage with her.

Taylor sang Black Magic along Little Mix, nodding and mouthing the words ‘says he love her?’ along with Perrie Edwards before shaking her head, then smiling at Perrie and repeating the line ‘come and get it’ to all the zillions of straight males in the audience, we guess. Remember, both Taylor and Perrie have been scorned by lads from One Direction, after all.

What’s wonderful, though, is the extent of Taylor Swift’s friendships. As inspirational as all of these women are – it’s great that she’s using her tour to remind us of all the other women who’ve achieved so much – is there anyone who’s not going to join her on this tour?

That’s what one girl on YouTube wonders, over and over again, for three minutes. Lara Marie Schoenhals explains on the upload – titled ‘PLEASE WELCOME TO THE STAGE….’ – that ‘I came up with some predictions for the random cameos that might occur at her upcoming LA concerts’.

It’s funnier than that, though, with our personal favourites being, ‘Please welcome to the stage, the first woman ever, Eve! From Adam and Eve,’ and ‘Please welcome to the stage… Christine Ouzounian, the nanny Ben Affleck fucked!’

Enjoy it, re-watch it, Google the people you haven’t heard of (just like you had to Google the people who were in Bad Blood) and maybe write it all down so you can tick the women off when they do eventually appear onstage with Taylor, even the ashes of the victims of the Salem witch trials…

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