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Taylor Swift Teases New Something With Snake/Dragon Tail

Taylor Swift Teases New Something With Snake/Dragon Tail

The Debrief: Whatever will it be?!?!?! We'll probably find out in a few hours...

Calling another woman a 'tease' sure feels creepy but unfortunately, an hour after Taylor Swift (who had previously deleted all her social media posts, replacing her pictures with a black nothingness) posted one Instagram video, there is nowhere else to go. She has TEASED something using a teaser on her social media. 

The video is of a reptilian-looking appendage, and debates currently rage as to whether it is a snake, or a dragon tail. Ok, not a lot of people are saying it's a dragon tail, preferring to prod at the narrative that Swifty's been called a 'snake' enough times to want to make A Thing of it. Like when George Michael got caught looking for sex in a public toilet and then made a whole music video about that, except, with Swift being called a snake.

The thing is, though, the slickly-moving wand (we're back onto Taylor Swift here, by the way) looks spiny enough to be a dragon tail. 

Maybe it's new music? Maybe Taylor wants to make a point about the solar eclipse? Maybe she's going to have a guest slot on Game of Thrones like her buddy Ed Sheeran and didn't want the HBO hacks to reveal it before she could?



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