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Taylor Swift’s Mum Loves Her Even More Than We Do

Taylor Swift’s Mum Loves Her Even More Than We Do

The Debrief: Andrea Finlay made public appearance for the first time after cancer announcement…

Earlier this month we brought you the pretty sad news that Taylor Swift’s mum Andrea is battling cancer, because Taylor herself announced it in a bid to get more young people to nag their parents into getting a check up at the doctor. And now, we’ve got some pretty uplifting news in the form of the lovely words Andrea said about her daughter at the Country Music Awards.

Presenting Taylor with the milestone award, reports Entertainment Tonight, she told the audience, ‘I've watched this milestone artist from the time she was a tangled hair little girl growing up on our farm, full of imagination and creativity. And ever since then, her favorite thing in the world to do has been to write a song, tell a story, play a guitar, or a piano. And I’ve seen those things carry her through every emotion, every experience in her life. Good or bad.’

And as Andrea put it, ‘Every once in a while, her dad or I find ourselves to be the subject of those songs. Sometimes we’re merely the inspiration.’

If Taylor now writes a song about her mum’s illness, maybe people will finally realise that Taylor writing about boys is just because she writes about her life, and not just because she’s weirdly obsessed with or defined by boys or anything.

As for boys, Andrea added how sometimes the Swift family’s best intentions turned to Taylor’s anger which, then, eventually, manifested as a song. ‘Like the time she was 17 years old and her dad and I strongly disapproved of a young man, and rightfully so. But she was mad, she was real mad, and she went to her room and she closed the door. She came out about an hour later with a song called Love Story.’

Wait, wait, hold up… who’s Love Story about, then? Who’s the guy that Taylor’s dad didn’t approve of? Well, our research says it was Joe Jonas. But really, who couldn’t approve of little chastity-ring-bearing Joe Jonas? Maybe Taylor’s dad knew about all the weed Joe’d been smoking with Miley, or something…

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