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Taylor Swift Is Breadcrumbing Her Fans On Instagram And People Are Confused

Taylor Swift Is Breadcrumbing Her Fans On Instagram And People Are Confused

The Debrief: 'just trying to get noticed over here'

You know when you’re sat at home on a weeknight? Alone, bored and procrastinating engagement with anything beyond the phone you’ve been idly scrolling through for hours already? You find yourself deep in an Instagram click hole. One that started as an innocent investigation into the lives of the strangers liking and commenting on your posts and hashtagging your name. One that then turned into a weird attempt to desperately engage with these strangers on their personal feeds in a bid for attention on your otherwise lonely, boring weekday evening. You know, the art of frivolous breadcrumbing? That’s what Taylor Swift got up to the other night. 

You see, until recently Taylor had been keeping pretty schtum on the ol’ social media. Beyond dropping 'Look What You Made Me Do' and teasing the album release, we’d barely heard a peep from her on Instagram or Twitter. It was very strange and rather unlike the Taylor we thought we knew. The old Taylor loved a social media humble brag. The old Taylor loved an Instagram photo montage of her and her pals doing fun pally things. But alas, we forget, the old Taylor is dead and is otherwise unable to get to the phone.  

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The new Taylor has instead been using her phone to slide into her fans DMs and Instagram Live feeds of late. The Taylor Swift News Twitter account managed to capture and share some gems. In on instance, Taylor messaged: ‘Hiiiiiiiii. HIIIIIIIIIIII. just trying to get noticed over here. HI YASMINE. HI YASMINE HI YASMINE HI YASMINE HI HI HI. Luv you toooooooooooo’.


Yeah. I was a bit exasperated reading through it too. But in case anyone missed it, Taylor is back online and would like people to be aware, please. 

Some of it was very sweet too, though. Taylor spoke with one fan about cats and took the time to check how they were doing after something happening to their wisdom teeth:


‘Yo Halley. IS YOUR CAT THERE TOO’, Taylor asked. “are you ok after wisdom teeth ?? That can be soooooo grim’ 

Things also got very emotional when Taylor joined a fan named Kelsey’s Instagram Live video, told her she was amazing and thanked her for being a teacher. 


I imagine this must be the Taylor Swift equivalent of Googling your name, like, if you could also interact with the search results and stuff. Let’s not forget that it's only a month until Taylor’s new album is going to be released so some people are speculating that she might be orchestrating a repeat of the secret live session she performed to a number of fans selected through Twitter ahead of her 1989 album. That, OR, Taylor was just really bored and has nothing left to tease online. Either or. 

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