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Taylor Swift Is Off To Norwich So We've Written Her A Weekend Itinerary Of What To Visit

The Debrief: Did you know it has a pub for every day of the year?

Taylor Swift is making her first UK festival appearance at Radio 1’s Big Weekend in May. In Norwich. Oh yeah. While hip and happenin’ might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of the North-Eastern city, that’s exactly where you’s be wrong.

For starters once upon a time there was up to 600 pubs in the city (so the internet tells us). Yeah, we know. What’s more, in the 11th century, it was the second largest city in the country. Oh, and it’s the hometown of super vlogger Tanya Burr and ‘broadcaster’ Alan Partridge. Guys, it turns out that Norwich is kind of a big deal. So here’s what Taylor should be doing when she makes the journey to the country’s most underrated city*.

10am: East Ruston Old Vicarage Garden

Upon arrival, we reckon Taylor should soak up a little of the culture for a little down time, starting with these idyllic gardens. As you can see from the site, the guys who run this place love plaid just as much as Tay. Oh, and she can re-enact that slow-mo running bit in the Black Space video. 

12.30: Norwich Cathedral

Next, Taylor can take a stroll to Norwich Cathedral. One Trip Advisor reviewer even says her husband ‘rates the cheese scones’, so we figure T-Swift will too. I mean, who doesn’t like cheese?

4pm: Pub Crawl

OK, it’s late afternoon now, and apparently Norwich is known for its ale (and remember, it’s the home of many pubs), so going to a public house has to happen for her. We know she likes a beer or five as she recently was snapped sipping with BFF Karlie Kloss. We found some handy pub-crawl maps so she can sample the local brews.

10pm: Revolucion de Cuba

Once she’s well and truly trollied from the aforementioned pub-crawl, it’s time to finish the night off at Revolucion de Cuba (I’ve actually been to one of these in Manchester and thoroughly enjoyed myself). Here she can expect to ‘shake it off’ (sorry) to some of her own tracks, as well as old­ school RnB tunes while knocking back shots of Tequila.

11am: Colman’s Mustard Shop and Museum

We know Taylor LOVES mustard coloured clothing, and what better way to nurse a hangover the following day than visiting the Colman’s Mustard Shop and Museum for a taste of Norwich’s condiment history.  They’ve been making mustard in Norwich for over 200 years, which pretty much makes Norwich the mustard capital of the UK*.

12pm: The Window Coffee

As you can imagine, it’s been a long day for Taylor but now she’s ‘out of the woods’ of her hangover (sorry, again), she’ll be wanting a little caffeine pick-me-up, so we’re sending her to the world’s smallest coffee shop. It might be a tad of a struggle for her 5ft 8in frame. But totally worth it. 

2pm Cath Kidston

To wrap up her BEST WEEKEND EVER, and for old time’s sake, a trip to Norwich’s very own Cath Kidston is imperative. Here she can buy all her souvenirs for her many BFFs. 

*all our own titles

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