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Taylor Swift Instagrams Calvin Harris Swanning About So It Must Be Official Now

Taylor Swift Instagrams Calvin Harris Swanning About So It Must Be Official Now

The Debrief: But who gets to be big spoon in this pairing?

Taylor Swift has gone absolutely hugely public about her relationship with Calvin Harris by sharing a photo on her Instagram account of the two of them riding an (inflatable) swan in a pool.

The singer has previously said that she uploads to Instagram to annoy paparazzi (once she has taken her own posed photos in a bikini, the paps’ long lenses lose all purpose because magazines and websites prefer to use posed photos than blurry shots of celebrities looking pissed off and pestered).

So it could be that the photo, in which Taylor sits behind Calvin, is about giving the paps what they’ve been looking for every time the pair have stepped out together in the past couple of months.

Or it could be that the couple desperately wanted to make the ‘swan goals’ joke (a take on the eve- popular ‘squad goals’ comments left under photos of pretty cool groups of celebrities) so big that they put the photo together AFTER coming up with the killer caption.

Regardless, the photo already has over 1.5 million likes, and comments such as ‘OMG TAYLOR THIS IS SO CUTE I CAN’T’ and is proof enough for anyone bewildered by the coupling of Calvin and Taylor that, well, they’re together, duh!

As for Taylor sitting behind Calvin on the swan, both of their long golden legs extending into the abyss, we can’t tell whether this means she’d sit behind him on, say, a motorcycle, or whether it means she’s a big spoon. How do you see it?

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