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Taylor Swift Hits Back At Katy Perry Through The Medium Of Sharks

Taylor Swift Hits Back At Katy Perry Through The Medium Of Sharks

The Debrief: The feud of the century rumbles on. And on. And on.

Stalin and Trotsky, Tupac and Biggie, Kanye West vs everyone... High-profile feuds are a part of our cultural history. But now, there’s one feud that’s threatening to outshine even the most serious spats. The Katy Perry vs Taylor Swift run-in has reached peak levels and is taking down with it an entire army of the models, actresses and singers who chose to get involved too.

Remember two weeks ago when everyone loved Taylor Swift?  That was, until she thought that Nicki Minaj was calling her out on Twitter and, rather than ignoring it, told Nicki that she could come onstage with her (God Tay-Tay not everyone wants to come on stage with you. I mean, I will, but that doesn’t mean everyone wants to). Everyone took Nicki’s side, Taylor apologised and the whole sorry saga seemed to be over.

EXCEPT, Taylor’s long-time enemy Katy Perry waded in with a tweet that was kind of hard to understand, on account of it making no sense, but it seemed to diss the flaxen-haired one.  ‘Finding it ironic to parade the pit women against other women argument about as one unmeasurably capitalizes on the take down of a woman...’ Which, as we’re sure you'll agree, takes a while to read, but is almost certainly about Taylor.

Anyways, now it’s Taylor’s turn. Over the weekend, on what seems to be the longest tour in history, Taylor Swift was casually singing number one mega-hit and Katy Perry diss track Bad Blood, when one of her backing dancers started waving a shark around.

In case you’ve forgotten, sharks are totally Katy Perry’s thing because she had two guys wearing shark costumes in her performance at the Superbowl. Wow. Shots FIRED. Maybe it’s time to reel it in, ladies? Somone’s going to get hurt out there.

I mean, what’s going to happen next, guys? Will Katy don a blonde wig and infiltrate a cupcake baking party at Taylor Swift’s mansion? Will Taylor write another song (sigh) about a ‘girl with hair the colour of roses and a heart the colour of coal’? I mean, sure.

If you want my prediction: we’re going to get to the last night of Taylor’s tour (that’s in 2032, btw, for those of you wondering) and KATY PERRY herself will come onstage in Bad Blood and the two will make up. Mark my words, kids. It’s going to happen.

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