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Taylor Swift: Hitmaker, Life-Saver

Taylor Swift: Hitmaker, Life-Saver

The Debrief: And no, we’re not just speaking about her alleged disapproval of Selena and Justin’s reunion…

You know that popular gimmick of big epic bands handing their fans colourful wristbands at gigs so that everyone can sway their colourful arms in unison and feel buzzy bright euphoria? Well, Taylor Swift does this sort of thing and it’s thanks to this that some of her fans were saved in a car crash following her gig in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Elizabeth Dazzio was driving her sister Caroline and a mate back from Taylor’s concert when she fell asleep at the wheel. The car then crashed, leaving Dazzio unconscious and the other two trapped. ‘You could smell the gas and smoke. I was just thinking we need to get out of this car,’ Elizabeth told WRBZ radio.

As none of the cars passing by thought to stop, the girls used the flashing wristbands they had from the gig as distress flares. A passing driver then stopped and helped them out. They were taken to hospital, where Elizabeth said that the wristbands had saved her life.

Taylor found out about the story and tweeted:

Technically, Taylor didn’t really save the girls’ lives; it was actually because of her and her gig that they were driving anyway! But at least now when Elizabeth and her mates are saying ‘I die!’ it’ll be because Taylor Swift tweeted about them, not because they’ve actually died.

On another note, Taylor is said to be unhappy with BFF Selena Gomez after rumours of her reunion with ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber are buzzing about. But whether her disapproval will save Selena from a life with Justin is still to be known, as the on-off couple have yet to even confirm their relationship with a loved-up Instagram post.

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