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Taylor Swift Did Her Vogue Interview At Her Best Friend\'s Actual Wedding

Taylor Swift Did Her Vogue Interview At Her Best Friend's Actual Wedding

The Debrief: Tay Tay brought writer Jason Gay along to the small intimate affair that was her best friend's wedding

I'm not getting married any time soon but I think that when I do I'll make a nice Pinterest board and, like so many have before me,  and chuck into it pictures of nice dresses I like, whimsical pictures of well-strung fairy lights, photo booth options, guest favours in cute little mason jars and, obviously, a picture of sportswriter Jason Gay.

Oh wait, no, I'm not Taylor Swift's best friend. Which means my maid of honour probably won't come to the biggest day of my life with a reporter to get an interview for a future cover of Vogue. 

ICYMI, Taylor's on the front cover of Vogue this month. She's got platinum blonde hair and looks very nice but the interview, which is long, details Taylor's day at best friend Britany Maack's wedding to childhood sweetheard Ben.

A paragraph from Jason's interview; 

'To be clear: I’m not saying the people in this church aren’t aware that Scott and Andrea’s kid turned into, you know,Taylor Freakin’ Swift—it’s hilarious to watch the flower girls try to keep it together, and the nuns seem pretty jazzed, too—but that’s not the story today. Britany and Ben are. And the only evidence that the maid of honor is you-know-who is the paparazzi who have gathered at the bottom of the hill, hoping to snag a photo with their long lenses.'

Ah, and the dude from Vogue who Taylor spends a break before the reception 'huddled downstairs at the church with'.


Sure Britany is probably A-OK with the whole thing. Hell, maybe she was even the one who invited Jason. Who knows what the hell it's like to be the best friend of the most famous woman in the world? Probably awesome at sometimes and really shitty at other times. Just like most friendships, but on a super duper scale. 

But, on the other hand, I've got five weddings this summer. Does anyone want to volunteer their services to be a 'reporter' I spend all day talking to as see what the bride does? It could be really fun. 

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