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Here’s Another Thing That No One Made Taylor Swift Do

Here’s Another Thing That No One Made Taylor Swift Do

The Debrief: Welcome to The Swift Life (except this is an app, not a momentous, defining Disney Channel entity)

There are some things that the world needs, and some things that we could probably really do without. One of the things that we didn’t ask for and could probably do without is Taylor Swifts new app. Yeah, you heard. Taylor’s gone and made an app. 

In case you couldn’t tell, I don’t have a lot of time for celebrity apps. The novelty of playing what is essentially the Kim Kardashian extension of The Sims: Superstar expansion pack wore pretty thin very quickly for me. And beyond the joy of having a Kim crying face emoji at my disposal at all times, definitely not something we need in life. Right up there with unicorn toast (yes, I know… bad millennial).  

 Nevertheless, Taylor is the latest to join the self-titled app game. Welcome to The Swift Life, ladies and gentlemen, where fans are promised direct communication with Taylor herself. From the First Look video, the app essentially looks like just another social media app as opposed to a Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Life! style game. Much like on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc, you’ve got your own profile and news feed but can also scroll through other people’s feeds. And yes, that includes Taylor’s feed too. 

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On what’s being touted as ‘A creative, inclusive and community-driven place for users to better connect with each other.. and Taylor’, you can expect to share stuff, Taylor can comment on your stuff (like the time she breadcrumbed all of her fans) and get access to ‘exclusive Taylor stuff’. That means collectable Taymojis (yep, she’s gone and done that too) and stickers of some sort. There’s also a function for you to play and share music (lol, soz Spotify. Taylor’s not done with you yet).

Remember when we told you that ultimately, Taylor Swift owns the internet? That still rings true. So we shouldn't really be that surprising that after months of silence Taylor is back with an online franchise that will inevitably become a huge deal somewhere down the road. So, Taylor ruling the world wide web waves will probably continue to be the case once she’s released what seems to be a Taylor Swift branded competitor for all of your existing apps. 

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