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Taylor Swift And Harry Styles Snub Each Other So Delightfully

The Debrief: Bumping into an ex when you're with mutual friends is one of those hideous situations we've all had to endure, right?

We all know Taylor Swift as a kind, gentle soul. However, it's pretty obvious she's got no time for the haters, and that goes for one Harry Styles. Even though his presumed crime against her isn't hating on her, but loving too much somewhere else.

So, even though the most recent song she wrote about him, Into The Woods, which features on her new album 1989, is actually really sweet, it goes as no surprise that she's wrung dry the broken relationship of its song material and now wishes to discard all knowledge of it. 

That's the only - hugely legitimate - reason we can give for Taylor using every technique in the book to snub Harry Styles when she bumped into him in the lobby of a hotel. And, for the sake of fairness, he does seem to be blanking her, too, it's just he looks a little more insecure about it.

In footage obtained by TMZ and filmed outside of the Sunset Marquis hotel in LA, Harry can be seen approaching Taylor and her friends, talking to a big boorish bloke who seems more of a work mate than one of Taylor's BFFs. Anyway, while Harry gets all hands on and chatty, literally clinging to this bloke for security in the face of his ex, and Taylor just about acknowledges Harry's existence by tapping away at her phone on overdrive, playing with her hair and putting on a 'hi I'm intensely bored' face.

There's a totally awkward bit where Harry chats to Taylor's mates (who we thought were Haim, but aren't Haim) but the mutual awkwardness is an 80ft pink elephant in the room.

Our favourite bit? About 0.46, when Taylor, who's walking off, turns around and gives her mate a sharp look as if to say 'you are coming with me RIGHT now'. We've all been there…

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