Polly Riggs | Contributing Writer | Thursday, 8 September 2016

Tattoo Fixers Ink A Tattoo That Needs Fixing

Tattoo Fixers Attempted To Fix Tattoo But Actually Made It Worse. Awkward

The Debrief: Even the professionals make mistakes, it seems

It’s the kind of TV we all love to binge on, but E4’s Tattoo Fixers caused a stir when they covered a dodgy tattoo with a, er, dodgy tattoo.  

The guest’s name was Kat, who after the breakdown of her marriage had gone on holiday and got ‘YOGDO’ tattooed on her leg. That’s ‘You Only Get Divorced Once’. Duh. 

Tattoo artist Alice Perrin, who impressively balanced studying for a BA in Fine Art with a job as a carer and a tattooing apprenticeship, designed her a fancy cover up featuring a clock, flowers and a teacup. So far, so good. 


Unfortunately, the finished result featured a clock with the Roman numerals for eleven (XI) twice, and no number nine. Whoops. To make things worse, the minute hand of the clock is pointing damningly to the supposed 'nine'. 

Naturally the internet went crazy. 


Things got super awkward on the show, when Kat hugged Alice, exclaiming that the tattoo was 'better than I ever imagined!' Ouch. 

Perhaps we'll see a 'Tattoo Fixers Fixers' sequal in the not too distant future...


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