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Stormzy’s Front Door Was Kicked In By The Police Last Night And Twitter Isn’t Happy About It

Stormzy’s Front Door Was Kicked In By The Police Last Night And Twitter Isn’t Happy About It

The Debrief: ‘@MetPolice need your bank details still’

Can you imagine how terrifying it would be to wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of someone breaking into your house? Well, that’s what happened to Stormzy last night, except apparently it was the Police who caused the commotion.    

Stormzy shared a picture of his now broken front door with two big wooden panels appearing to have been broken through to Twitter, writing that he ‘woke up to Feds destroying my front door coz apparently I’m a burglar who burgles his own home. @metpoliceuk need your bank details still’.

Not ideal to say the least. We’re not too sure why it happened, and by the sounds of it neither is Michael Omari (Stormzy’s real name, btw). As you might expect though, the whole thing sparked a fair few responses from his followers. And by a few we mean 370 replies. To be precise. Some shared their concern for Stormzy’s house, while others speculated about whether the neighbours were to blame and the how race could have played a part in it all. 

One guy used the lyrics to Stormzy’s latest single to suggest that the police were ‘getting way too big for their boots’. Another tweeter suggested that the intruders were looking for tickets for Stormzy’s sold out UK tour.  

The Met Police Service Contact Centre have replied to Stormzy’s tweet though, and invited him to send over details in a DM to make a complaint. 

Scotland Yard said officers were 'called to a report of a conspiracy to burgle a ground floor flat in West Bromton, shortly before 1am on Tuesday', reports the Evening Standard. Apparently, the police mistook the flat as being empty only to find 'two lawful occupants', one of which we're guessing was Stormzy, once they forced their way into the property. 

The Standard also reported that the police are thought have been in touch with Stormzy since, but that's about all we know for the moment. Chances are we probably won't find out the full play by play of who called the police and why they thought Stormzy was breaking into his own house, but here's hoping amends are made and that Stormzy's front door get's fixed.

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