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So Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Martin Are Dating Again

The Debrief: But we thought they'd broken up... WHAT'S GOING ON.

There are numerous reports coming in that Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin were spotted in LA having a candlelit dinner at an Italian restaurant - but are they back on?

Well, seems like they definitely wanted to keep things low key, as they arrived through the back door before ordering several dishes and then splitting a dessert. 'They looked happy and just focused on each other,' an onlooker told People. 'They were smiling, talking and very friendly.' Another insider has told the gossip site that the pair are still dating, despite the reports that they split up a couple of months ago. 

'Even though they are both busy, the relationship is solid. They see each other when they can. Jennifer understands that the children come first with Chris and his relationship with Gwyneth is based around the family and it will always be a part of his life ... things are good between them.' 

So it looks like all that stuff about JLaw not being able to deal with the family thing, and Gwyneth not being able to deal with the JLaw thing is a load of bollocks - last week Gwyneth did say on Howard Stern's radio show that she's happy for the pair, which is the opposite of how she's been portrayed in the media before: 'Who says I don't approve of Jennifer Lawrence?' she said. 'I respect him as the father of my children…It's his decision…He wouldn't be with someone who isn't great.' 

One thing's for sure - Jlaw and the Coldplay frontman are incredibly good at avoiding having pictures taken of them. But glad to hear the relayshe is still going strong (even if we're still a bit WTF about the whole thing) 

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